Comprehensive Curriculum

World-top Singapore Math Education and MOE Curriculum Aligned

Engaging Experience

From Animated Explanation, Unlimited Practice, Fun Activities to Instant Feeback

Cultivate Learning Habits

Motivational Dynamics and Rewards Systems Designed for Children
Numbers up to 100, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, length, time, money, and more.
Numbers to 1000, multiplication tables, length, mass, model, fractions, 2D & 3D shapes, volume, and more.
Numbers to 10000, money, length, perpendicular & parallel lines, angles, area & perimeter, bar graphs, and more.
Numbers to 100 000, factors & multiples, squares & rectangles, decimals, symmetry, and more.
Whole numbers, area of triangle, ratio, rate, percentage, average, parallelgram, rhombus & trapezium, and more.
Algebra, angles in geometric figures, area and circumference of circle, speed, solid figures & nets, and more.
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