Singapore MOE Primary School Math Syllabus

KooBits Math’s content is fully aligned to the latest MOE syllabus, and all topics come with animated explanations so you can save time explaining.

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Numbers up to 100, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, length, time, money, and more.
Numbers to 1000, multiplication tables, length, mass, model, fractions, 2D & 3D shapes, volume, and more.
Numbers to 10000, money, length, perpendicular & parallel lines, angles, area & perimeter, bar graphs, and more.
Numbers to 100 000, factors & multiples, squares & rectangles, decimals, symmetry, and more.
Whole numbers, area of triangle, ratio, rate, percentage, average, parallelgram, rhombus & trapezium, and more.
Algebra, angles in geometric figures, area and circumference of circle, speed, solid figures & nets, and more.